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Additional Needs

Additional Needs - Support

It is a difficult time for all young people when leaving care, but for those with additional needs, life is even more challenging.

The Artemis Team has a wealth of experience supporting young people with learning disabilities and additional mental health needs – including those young people with Aspergers Syndrome or on the Autism Spectrum.

Safeguarding is our priority for every person with whom we work and this is heightened for those with additional needs. These are some of the most vulnerable people within our communities and require extra support and understanding.

A thorough induction process and risk assessments are undertaken around the young person and we will react immediately to any concerns and report those concerns as a matter of urgency.

We take a person-centred approach to all of our young people and will put a care plan together, with the associated social worker and all other professionals who will be engaging with the young person, built around their needs and requirements. We will help them to become empowered, understand their rights and help them to engage with and express choice and control.

Additional Needs - Accomodation

The Artemis Team takes great pride in its ability to select appropriate property for each of our service users.

It is important to provide a safe and secure environment for all young people but especially those who have additional needs, whether they be physical or mental.

Often overnight support is required for those with additional needs, hence properties with two or more bedrooms may be appropriate. Our property portfolio caters for all possibilities, some are designed for physical disabilities comprising wet rooms and widened wheel chair friendly door frames.

Additional Needs - Family Support

The Artemis Team is committed to working in partnership with the adults we support, their families, social workers and health professionals. We work with adults diagnosed with learning disabilities, mental health disorders and autism.

We listen to what our clients and their families say, what they tell us about their diagnosis, what it means to them, the different challenges they face, and the support they need in order to live the life they want.

We believe in empowering our clients to make their own choices about how they live their life - from finding a job, going to college or attending social groups.

Behavioural issues can be a great concern for our clients and their families. These issues can make the difference between being included in the community or being isolated from it.

The Artemis Team works with our clients to meet their needs and hopefully improve their quality of life, so that any behaviours of concern will therefore be reduced and become more manageable.

The Artemis team works closely with our clients and their family, plus any circles of support they have, to:

  • Support them with managing behavioural issues
  • Ensure we work with them to meet their specific needs
  • Identify what triggers any challenging behaviour
  • Improve their quality of life
  • Support them to engage in positive relationships and activities
  • Place them at the centre of their support
  • Support them with independent living skills
  • Provide continuous motivation and positive interaction
  • Provide specialised training for their support team
  • Evaluate and review their progress regularly