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Its not a game of guess who...

The Artemis Team appreciates that the most important element of any placement that we take on, is the correct matching of staff to the client.

For a placement to work a positive and trusted relationship needs to form between support worker and client and planning is required to ensure that there is potential for a connection to exist between them. This connection can be based on a number of factors - life experience, age, gender, beliefs, culture, language, background, experience of working with similar clients, even shared interest - art, cooking, music or supporting the same football team. Such factors can help start to form a bond on which trust and openness can develop. The hope is that with time clients can communicate more freely and air concerns or issues that they have, sharing problems and not bottling them up.

A consistency of trusted support & staff also allows for support workers to quickly pick up on any change in behaviour, mood or appearance of the client, which are key sign posts of concern, and to have an understanding of how to raise the concern with the particular client. Relationships invariably form with friends, family members or other professionals associated with the client and this can help with the bond with their support worker.

Clear boundaries do need to be enforced from the get-go, but when a client and support worker are accurately matched there is a wonderful opportunity for the client to willingly learn from the worker (and the team) and build on their skills, experience and knowledge to forge a successful future once leaving our support.