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Registered AQA assessors

The Artemis Team are pleased to announce that we are now a registered AQA assessors and have established the accredited AQA Unit Award Scheme (UAS) that recognises learning and success. The scheme rewards participants for personal progress and achievement, which are often not recognised by more formal qualifications. The inclusion of the scheme into our provision allows us to create real targets and goals for the young people in our support that are attainable. This is especially pertinent for those young people that have experienced poor attendance at school (for whatever reason) and have been unable to sit exams or gain any form qualification.

Emma Winton, team leader comments - "The AQAs provide an opportunity for our service users to gain accredited qualifications during their support sessions, which will help build self-esteem and confidence and also give them recognised attainments to add to their CVs. In turn it provides quantifiable targets that can be measured and monitored by Social Workers via our new monthly reporting system. Each young person’s care plan has a clear structure and outlines agreed accreditations to undertake throughout the year. We have chosen a core group of six AQAs, based on the 5 ECM outcomes, to provide to all of our services users, which will support a greater understanding of successful independent living".

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