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Young People & Care Leavers

Young People & Care Leavers - Support

Our support packages are flexible, ranging from a couple of hours per week through to 24 hours per day, often with multiple key workers, depending on individual needs.

Every young person has a unique life history and needs. Based around these needs, we work closely with Social Workers to create a person centered independent living plan, each aligned to the 5 Every Child Matters outcomes (ECMs) and current legislation.

We provide workbooks and a general life skills competency check lists, which amongst many other tasks, comprises cooking, cleaning, budgeting & banking, managing appointments, engaging with health professionals and applying for benefit entitlements.

Our role is to empower young people with the necessary skills to live independently and engage with education, employment or training (EET) aspiring to better, more fulfilling lives.

We provide focused support for those in education, employment or training (EET), empowering them to continue and complete their development, whilst assisting with life skills and positive living.

Similarly for those not in education, employment or training (NEET), our aim is to overcome the barriers holding them back and encourage them to engage. Understanding this is a daunting task for those that have had no experience of EET, we ensure the transition is managed effectively.

As well as Looked After Children (LAC) reviews we hold initial placement meetings, placement reviews and regular risk assessment reviews for every young person.

We run a 3-point warning system to help support young people to learn how to keep a tenancy.

Young People & Care Leavers - Accomodation

A care leaver that arrives at The Artemis Team may have come via a number of routes – foster care, a residential care home, an institution, a family home that has broken down or from a position of homelessness.

Each will have specific needs and capabilities and a package of housing and support will be created around their individual needs.

Accommodation is a key part of any individuals stability and development, especially at this key stage of life – young adults. Hence, we provide both stand alone and shared facilities, as well as HMO’s with 24/7 support.

Each property is selected to match the young persons specific needs and will account for size, geography and demography.

Consideration will be given to each young persons personal circumstances, for example a young person may have been involved in localised gangs and therefore will need to be housed in a different location. Or of course access to education may need to be considered in terms of being close to certain schools and colleges.