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Youth Offenders

Youth Offenders - Support

Over the years we have worked with many young people who have engaged in various forms of offending behaviour – from misdemeanours to very serious offences, including violence and sex offences. These include those individuals with a history of offending, those that are first time offenders and those that are mixing with the wrong crowds and on a possible pathway to offending.

We work very closely with all professionals associated with the young person and their offending practices – the associated social worker, police, probation, youth offending services – to put a support package in place that will tackle the issues around the offending behaviour, educate the young people as to the pitfalls of an offending lifestyle and help them to fill their time more positively and proactively.

We understand that a criminal record can be a barrier for a young person to progress with education, employment and training – but we will work closely with the young person to navigate any obstacles and look at all options and possibilities available to them.

We have fantastic support workers who will help to form strong and trusted relationships with the young person and help steer them towards a more positive and healthy lifestyle.

Youth Offenders - Accomodation

Our property portfolio provision spans London and the South East, as well as Essex, Kent, Medway, Hertfordshire, Sussex and Surrey. In fact, we are able to access property across the whole of the UK.

As well as being safe, comfortable and secure, our properties provide facilities to specifically meet client needs.

Due to the difficult and diverse backgrounds of youth offenders, location and keeping them away form past ‘trouble’, may be key to their future success.

In order to best achieve outcomes, we recommend clients are located close to good support networks – family, friends, support groups etc, close to amenities and transport links, enabling continuation independent commitments such as EET.

We are able to plan and meet all individual and physical requirements, ensuring our placements succeed their set outcomes.

Naturally, all accommodation is fully furnished and equipped with essential health and safety equipment, having passed all utility safety checks.

Where relevant, social service benefits are considered as part of cost planning.