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Asylum / Non-indigenous

Asylum / Non-indigenous - Support

Our support packages are flexible, ranging from a couple of hours per week through to 24 hours per day, often with multiple key workers, depending on individual needs.

The Artemis Team has worked with many young asylum seekers looking for refuge in the UK. Seeking asylum can be an incredibly daunting undertaking, especially for those at a young age.

These young people may have endured a torrid journey to get to the UK and have arrived in a foreign land, knowing very little of what to expect or of this new way of life. For many, English will be a foreign language and they will not have support or contacts in place.

Hence, the Artemis Team will support them in the following areas:

  • With their immigration and welfare issues
  • To understand their rights and help them to access the support networks available to them – relevant clubs, networks or associations
  • With their health & wellbeing
  • To access and engage with their education & development
  • To become socially included and understand the UK ‘way of life’

We have a highly experienced team of support workers from multi-ethnic backgrounds and experiences to call upon to work with asylum seekers. We will also access additional support – such as translators, whenever required.

The Artemis Team have extensive and positive support and accommodation packages based specifically around NRPF (No Recourse to Public Funds), an area we have developed in recent times to ensure the safeguarding of individuals and families finding themselves caught in this loophole.

Asylum / Non-indigenous - Accomodation

For this group in particular, accommodation is extremely important – it provides a sense of belonging. A safe and secure environment to come home to is not only empowering it is essential to a successful future.

It is important to be able to settle non- people quickly, ensuring all is in order from the first moment, as this will be necessary when registering for asylum etc. The Artemis Team prides itself in its ability to provide appropriate property quickly and efficiently – our property portfolio is ready to move into with immediate effect, with all necessary safety paperwork in order constantly and our support staff are trained and geared up to register our service users without delay – efficiently and effectively.

Asylum / Non-indigenous - Family Support